Coconut Farms Collection has Launched!!

Coconut Farms Collection has Launched!!

Posted by Savannah Summers on Aug 12th 2018

Coconut Farms has officially launched it's first Home Decor Collection with Established 98!! The collection is here for a limited time and it consists of 6 beautifully curated products that will transform any space from bland to Grand!

  • 2 Cream 18x18" Pillows with a trendy button accent
  • 2 Espresso 18x18" Brown pillows
  • 1 Round 23" Country Chic Black Mirror
  • 1 Wooden Cake Stand with Glass Cloche 9x13"
  • 1 American Made Wooden Crate 
  • 1 Palm tree with Rustic Wooden Base 4.5' Tall

Who is Coconut Farms? A group of individuals that create some pretty awesome American Made Home Decor.

What is Coconut Farms Collection? A beautifully curated collection of items to bring life into any room!

How can you shop Coconut Farms? You can shop Coconut Farms through our website.

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Photo Credit: Morrie Amadeo

Layout Design: Coconut Farms

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